With the continuous improvements of 5G, VR, blockchain, and cloud computing technologies, Web3 is quickly developing as the next era of the Internet. It is a new generation of technological revolution and industrial transformation, which has also spawned a series of new industries such as the metaverse, and has also stimulated a blue ocean of capital market investments.

At BEYOND Expo 2022, the expo will host five summits to discuss key topics around Healthcare, Sustainability, ConsumerTech, Investment, and Web3, inviting tech leaders and industry experts to discuss the future development and growing trends within each sector. Besides, the BEYOND Organizing Committee will co-host the Web3 Summit with SenseTime on September 26th. Representatives at leading companies in various fields will gather in the BEYOND Metaverse and deliver keynote speeches on the following topics, as well as engage in roundtable discussions.


Overview of Panel Topics

· Metaverse in 2030
· Web3:Vision for the Next 10 Years
· Big Brand Early Movers in the Metaverse
· Web3: The Next Wave
· Is Investment in Web3 a Hype or a Science?
· Mixed Reality, A New Engine for City Development
· How can we miss all the fun in the Metaverse (GameFi, SocialFi)
· The next Blue ocean for hardware companies in Metaverse?
· NFT for Everybody?


At the same time, the BEYOND Organizing Committee has invited:

· Harry Shum, Founding Chairman of the International Digital Economy Academy and Former Executive Vice president of Microsoft;
· Yat Siu, Founder of Animoca Brands;
· Haseeb Qureshi, Partner at Dragonfly Capital;
· Dr. Wang Zibin, General Manager of SenseMARS;
· Alvin Wang Graylin, China Regional President of VR at HTC;
· Xu Chi, Founder and CEO of Nreal;
· Jim Feng, NBA China Vice President;
· Marzak Li, Managing Director of L Catterton;
· Saro McKenna, Co-founder of Alien Worlds

In addition, representatives from Hashkey, Credit Suisse, SVB, CyberConnect, Mask Network, Style3D, StepN and other institutions will be invited to share their experience on trending topics such as Web3, the Metaverse, and NFTs. We look forward to exploring the future of the web3 industry and contributing to an Internet era of openness, privacy and co-creation.



The 2nd BEYOND International Science and Technology Innovation Expo (BEYOND Expo 2022) will be held in the BEYOND Metaverse from September 21st to 27th, lasting for 7 days. The week-long conference will focus on the three newly-launched sub-brands: BEYOND Healthcare, BEYOND Sustainability, and BEYOND ConsumerTech, attracting 20,000+ tech innovation enthusiasts and 500+ exhibitors from around the globe to the BEYOND Metaverse. Events like Startup Roadshows, Fund at First Pitch (VC meetups) and more than 150 networking events will also be organized in the metaverse to enhance interaction among the global ecosystem players, such as corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and government representatives.


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About SenseTime

SenseTime is a leading AI software company founded in Hong Kong in 2014, focused on creating a better AI-empowered future through innovation. Upholding a vision of advancing the interconnection of physical and digital worlds with AI, driving sustainable productivity growth and seamless interactive experiences, SenseTime is committed to advancing AI research, developing scalable and affordable AI software platforms that benefit businesses, people and society, as well as attract and nurture top talents to shape the future together.

With our roots in the academic world, we invest in original and cutting-edge research that allows us to offer and continuously improve industry-leading, full-stack AI capabilities, covering key fields across perception intelligence, decision intelligence, AI-enabled content generation and AI-enabled content enhancement, as well as key capabilities in AI chips, sensors and computing infrastructure. Our proprietary AI infrastructure, SenseCore, allows us to develop powerful and efficient AI software platforms that are scalable and adaptable for a wide range of applications. Our technologies are trusted by customers and partners in many industry verticals including Smart Business, Smart City, Smart Life and Smart Auto.

SenseTime has been actively involved in the development of national and international industry standards on data security, privacy protection, ethical and sustainable AI, working closely with multiple domestic and multilateral institutions on ethical and sustainable AI development. SenseTime was the only AI company in Asia to have its Code of Ethics for AI Sustainable Development selected by the United Nations as one of the key publication references in the United Nations Resource Guide on AI Strategies published in June 2021.

SenseTime Group Inc. (stock code: 0020.HK) has successfully listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (HKEX). We have offices in markets including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, among others, as well as a presence in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

For more information, please visit SenseTime’s website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.


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