What is BEYOND Founders Club

BEYOND Founders Club (BFC) is a world class community for rising tech entrepreneurs, together to transform future business and solve global challenges.

Initiated by the BEYOND Expo, BFC aims to connect prominent figures in the tech and innovation scenes to explore global tech trends via BEYOND Expo, the most influential tech expo in Asia. With BEYOND’s effective outreach, a wealth of resources, and the expertise of the founding members, club members will have exclusive access to members’ benefits and experiences.

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Founding members

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All Members

1. There are 50 founding members at the BEYOND Founders Club.
2. Founding members’ benefits:

  • Can nominate a new member to join the BEYOND Founders Club every year
  • An invitation to participate in all public and private events organized by the BEYOND Founders Club
  • Company of founding members that participates in the BEYOND Expo has access to additional corporate benefits

Philosophy 1

BEYOND Founders Club follows BEYOND Expo's three core visions: Technology that changes traditional business models, technology that promotes sustainability, and technology that removes regional and industry boundaries

Philosophy 2

BEYOND Club organizes various events to support scientific and technological innovation. Club members are encouraged to discuss and explore the business potential of these innovations and further build trust and mutual understanding to form collaborations among club members.

Philosophy 3

Adhering to the core value that tech serves humanity, it is the common mission and social responsibility of the founding members at BEYOND Founders Club to lead the next generation of tech founders and innovators in pursuing sustainable tech.

Philosophy 4

BEYOND Founders Club is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion at all levels within the organization, regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, economic status, and other diverse backgrounds.

Club Founders


BEYOND Founders Club’s founding members and advisors include experts in the tech field, entrepreneurs, and trailblazing innovators. This professional and diverse team will bring rich experience to the club.

Jason HO: founder and chairman of the board at BEYOND Founders Club
Dr. LU Gang: founder and secretary of the board of directors at BEYOND Founders Club

Members’ exclusive benefits

Access to a network of tech founders and global business leaders; Access to first-hand information and news in the tech industries; Access to tech consumer markets and tech buyers worldwide