What is BEYOND Club

BEYOND Club is a global business leader club founded by BEYOND Expo, Asia’s most prominent tech exposition platform. BEYOND Club aims to gather like-minded tech innovators and explore together tech trends that have a global impact. BEYOND Club members will receive exclusive experience, thanks to BEYOND Expo’s vast resources and international influence and the club founders’ unique design.

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BEYOND Club is initiated by 45 heavyweights in the science and technology field, more than half of the founding members are from outside of China. /

Purpose 1

BEYOND Club follows BEYOND Expo's three core visions: Technology that changes traditional business models, technology that promotes sustainability, and technology that removes regional and industry boundaries

Purpose 2

BEYOND Club will organize various events to support scientific and technological innovation. Club members can discuss and explore the business value behind these innovations. BEYOND Club hopes to help members build trust, mutual understanding, and form collaborations

Purpose 3

BEYOND Club follows the ethos that tech serves the people. It believes that entrepreneurs and company founders are the sources of tech innovations. BEYOND Club hopes to lead the discussion of tech companies' social responsibility with its members. The club will lead by example and influence a new generation of entrepreneurs and founders.

Purpose 4

One of the key features of BEYOND Club is its globalization. The club includes founders from around the world. Club members will uphold the club’s purpose of promoting tech innovation together, regardless of nationality and region.

Club founders


Jason HO founder and chairman of the board at BEYOND Club
Dr. LU Gang founder and secretary of the board of directors at BEYOND Club

BEYOND Club’s founding members and advisors include experts in the tech field, entrepreneurs, and trailblazing innovators. This professional and diverse team will bring rich experience to the club.

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