BEYOND Innovation Awards sets up three awards for its three sub-brands: Healthcare, Sustainability, and Consumer Tech. All exhibitors are welcome to apply. BEYOND Innovation Awards aims to find and promote the most innovative companies and products of the year.

Enhancement project of China State Construction Development Holdings Limited Zhuhai Factory with photovoltaic

China State Construction Development Holdings Limited

Far East Facade (Zhuhai), a subsidiary of China State Construction Development Holdings Limited, is an experimental project of the group’s low-carbon emission factory.This enhancement integrates existing building with Far East’s self-developed photovoltaic products. BAPV and BIPV were integrated to the roofing of the production lines, staff canteen and bracket workshop canopy, creating a comprehensive photovoltaic project.

CCECC promotes applications of digital intelligence to construction industry

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Hong Kong and Macau Branch

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Hong Kong & Macao Branch (CCECC Hong Kong & Macao Branch) has been dedicated to development of digital intelligence construction platform, participation in digital infrastructure construction and continual improvement of management capabilities, which facilitate our digital intelligence transformation. Currently, we have established the enterprise-level management platform of digital intelligence construction, and employed digital intelligent construction technology to several ongoing projects in Macao.



Furanic bio-based 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) is the only platform compound among bio-based materials, which can generate a series of downstream derivative products through oxidation, hydrogenation, esterification and other reactions, and is widely used in polyester, fiber, aramid and other fields. It is currently one of the bio-based monomers with the greatest potential to improve the performance of benzene ring products.


Shanghai Changing Biotech Co.,Ltd.

Being the first foodtech company possessing the technical know-how of both mycoprotein and recombinant protein, Changing Bio has achieved top tier position in the applications of synthetic biology in food industry. Changing Bio has built strong in-house R&D capabilities, and is committed to making positive contributions to sustainable development, ensuring food security and enhancing food nutrition and human health.


Leafypolymer (Nantong) Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

LEAFYPOLYMER is proposing solutions for modern agricultural verticalization, scaling, and industrialization based on patented new material technology. We independently developed high-efficiency soilless planting substrates and combined them with lightweight facility structures, which achieved low cost, small area, and high yield in modern vegetable and gardening plant production.

Troowin Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack, System and Application Practice

Wuhan Troowin Power System Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2011, Troowin engages in the R&D and manufacturing of fuel cell stacks , systems and their key components. As an expert in the fuel cell industry, Troowin has comprehensively mastered the core technologies of hydrogen fuel cells. Troowin’s core competency is to design and develop fuel cells tailored to our customers’ specific requirements. Through collaboration with automotive OEMs, Troowin supplies either stack modules or fuel cell systems.

Hangzhou POLY Materials' CO2-based polyol project

Hangzhou POLY Material Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

At POLY Co., CO2 utilisation technology is our core competitive advantage. We have incorporated over 30% CO2 into our main product, CO2-based polyol (PCE), which enables effective utilization and fixation of CO2 while simultaneously reducing the use of petroleum raw materials. This has resulted in a perfect combination of carbon emission reduction and the new materials industry. PCE can be utilized in a wide range of polyurethane applications such as construction, furniture and home furnishings, automotive interiors, apparel, insulation, biodegradable materials, new energy and electronics, all while meeting the dual carbon target.

Degradable functional PVA film materials

SenGong new material tech

Sengong develops a corrosion-resistant recyclable PVA films, which are currently used in mirror ink manufacturers to replace plastic films used in the production process. Through this corrosion-resistant film, the loss of the production process can be reduced, and our customers do not need to deal with plastic and water pollutants, just send the roll film back to Sengong after production process, and then Sengong dissolves and filters the film in high-temperature water to obtain the raw material of the roll film.

DeepChem New Molecule Design and Synthesis Platform


Based on AI+ automated research and development mode, DeepChem Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. provides new molecular synthesis services in new materials, new energy, chemical and other fields through high-throughput wet and dry experiment screening, and efficiently explores new catalysts and molecular synthesis. The DeepChem Intelligent Synthesis platform was launched with an original leading algorithm.

Virtual power plant

ShangHai PowerShare Tech Ltd.

PowerShare Virtual Power Plant (VPP) connects and aggregates all different distributed energy resources , such as generation, battery storage,charging stations, electric vehicles,solar system,to offer capacity and flexibility to different markets. Based on AI, IoT (Internet of Things) and big data technology,the rea-time trading ablity of virtual power plant and the control strategy of edge EMS enabling operation strategy maximizing revenue, and provide value-based asset management and portfolio optimization to relevant parties.



Camfridge’s mission is to create sustainable new cooling products, and has put together a world-class team who passionately share this goal. Camfridge has proof-of-principle magnetic cooling system which has already delivered enhanced appliance efficiency, avoids the use of critical raw materials, embodies low-carbon production, is largely circularly recyclable and contains no refrigerant gases (zero GWP).