BEYOND Innovation Awards sets up three awards for its three sub-brands: Healthcare, Sustainability, and Consumer Tech. All exhibitors are welcome to apply. BEYOND Innovation Awards aims to find and promote the most innovative companies and products of the year.

Gene delivery solutions from research to therapy


VectorBuilder is a global leader in gene delivery technologies. As a trusted partner for thousands of labs and biotech/pharma companies across the globe, VectorBuilder offers a full spectrum of gene delivery solutions covering virtually all research and clinical needs from bench to bedside.

Oral anti-novel coronavirus drug - Azvudine

Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical(Group)Co., Ltd.

Azvudine is the first oral anti-novel coronavirus drugs with completely independent intellectual property rights in China. As an RdRp inhibitor, Azvudine can block viral replication, reduce viral load, shorten the time for nucleic acid to turn negative and reduce transmission. In July 2022, Azivudine obtained the emergency conditional approval from the NMPA for use in treatment of adult patients suffering moderate COVID-19, after then the drug was successively included in the ninth and tenth editions of the Diagnosis and Treatment Guideline for COVID-19, included in temporary payment scope of medical insurance in August 2022, and officially included in the National Medical Insurance Drug Catalogue in January 2023…

Ultra high throughput sequencer DNBSEQ-T20×2

MGI Tech

Feb 2023, MGI unveiled ultra high throughput sequencer DNBSEQ-T20×2 which is able to produces up to 50,000 WGS per year at a first sub hundred-dollar price per genome.

Production and Application of Green Raw Material PHA

Beijing Phabuilder Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates) is a green raw material produced in microorganisms that purified and optimized through extraction, drying, modification, and other methods, which can ultimately be applied to various products in daily life. The degradation products are completely non-toxic and the degradation rate is controllable and convenient, which can fundamentally solve the white pollution caused by petroleum based plastics in the future.


BeiJing Veminsyn Biotech Co.,Ltd

VEMINSYN is a development platform for bioactive materials focused on the consumer medical sector. The diversity of biomolecules provides a wide range of possibilities for medical and skin care, and the development of underlying biotechnology allows more biomaterials to be applied in the consumer field.

QBoson's Coherent Quantum Computing-based Molecular Docking Platform

Beijing QBoson Quantum Technology co.,ltd.

At present, the prediction accuracy of small molecule docking using QBoson’s Coherent Quantum Computing has exceeded 80%, which is the highest accuracy rate among all quantum computing schemes in the world, making the practical ability of quantum computing catch up with the current industry’s mainstream molecular docking software capabilities.


Subtle Medical

Subtle Medical is the world leader in applying deep learning to the acquisition of medical images to enable faster, safer, and smarter medical imaging. Combining deep learning, imaging physics and image reconstruction/enhancement technology, Subtle Medical can optimize the quality, process, and efficiency of medical images, truly realizing cost savings and efficiency increases for customers. Subtle Medical has the only Generative AI medical imaging and enhancement product suite in the industry that has passed global certifications such as China’s NMPA, US FDA, and European CE…

HUA Cloud Intelligent Healthcare Co. Ltd.

HUA Cloud Intelligent Healthcare Co. Ltd.

This product has the function similar to the syringe. Combined with micro needle and microfluidic technology, it can collect blood or body fluid, store and test it on bio-chip. For chronic disease or cancer users who need frequent blood monitoring, it is no longer necessary to drive to the hospital to register and wait for blood collection. It is like a portable nurse and can provide comfortable, simple and cheap blood collection services.

Hybrid Bonding Based MEMS Chips

Suzhou HanHua Semiconductor Co., Ltd

The hybrid bonding technology enables heterogeneous integration of CMOS wafers with compounded semicondctor wafers processes. It has
the advantages of miniaturization, high integration, high accuracy, and high automation.

Mainly used in the fields of life science and bio-medicine, such as gene detection/screening/synthesis, nucleic acid analysis, aerosol administration, drug screening/synthesis/detection, in vitro diagnosis and other fields.