BEYOND Innovation Awards sets up three awards for its three sub-brands: Healthcare, Sustainability, and Consumer Tech. All exhibitors are welcome to apply. BEYOND Innovation Awards aims to find and promote the most innovative companies and products of the year.

Humanoid Service Robot Walker


Walker is China’s original cutting-edge bipedal humanoid robot developed by UBTECH, and was the only Chinese humanoid robot selected as the top five humanoid robots worthy of attention globally by The Robot Report in 2019. Starting from 2015, Walker has achieved 4 major iterations. The latest version named Walker X was debut at World Artificial Intelligence Conference in July 2021. The 1.3-meter tall, 63-kg robot is a highly advanced AI robot that incorporates six cutting-edge technologies, equipped with 41 high-performance servo joints and a comprehensive sensing system including multi-dimensional force sensors, multi-camera stereo vision, omnidirectional hearing, and distance and inertial measurement capabilities…

X3 Plus

Neolix Technologies Co., Ltd.

Neolix Technologies is committed to making unmanned vehicles the basic service infrastructure of smart cities and achieving commercial applications of autonomous driving technology in various fields and diversified scenarios.

Project of Urban Full-Scene Autonomous Driving Robots in Sanitation


Cowarobot has launched a series of 1-18 ton autonomous driving robots for municipal sanitation scenarios, which are 10-18 ton autonomous driving sanitation vehicles for motorway operations, 3-ton autonomous driving sanitation machines for non-motorway operations, and autonomous driving sweeping robots for sidewalk operations, which realized 100% mechanization, 100% new energy, and 100% intelligent networking for municipal road cleaning operations.. The project significantly reduces the dependence of sanitation industry on manual labor through mechanization and automatic driving, and realizes the whole life cycle management of equipment through intelligent network linkage technology, and finally realizes the digital transformation of sanitation industry.



Based on the established core voice technologies such as natural language processing, voiceprint recognition and speech recognition, the iFLYTEK|iFLYREC has built two business layouts with “smart office” and “voice language service” as the core in the field of Software as a Service (SaaS), which includes SaaS services such as transcription, translation, simultaneous interpretation, subtitles, cloud conference. We are engaged in providing more simple and easy-to-use services by combining hardware with software to meet users’ diversified needs for technology.

Pachira Smart Finance Customer Service Center Full Scenario Solution

Pachira (International) Technology Co., Ltd

As an AI+ large model intelligent scene solution provider and natural language technology AI service provider, Pachira mainly serves the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. With the support of “Pachira AI capability platform”, the company improves service efficiency and capability, optimizes service process, and focuses on providing financial industry customers with full-scene solutions from customer service, marketing, risk control to intelligent operation, saving labor costs, improving work efficiency and improving service quality.



Aerofugia, as one of leader of AAM in China, has outstanding system engineering-based manned aircraft innovation/integration & airworthiness certification capabilities. AAM, as a revolutionary air traffic paradigm, has the remarkable characteristics of safety, cost efficiency and zero-emission, and has been strongly supported by governments all over the world, and will serve the diversified intra-city/inter-city travel demands in the future. In August 2022, Aerofugia displayed a full-scale technology demonstrator of its first self-developed eVTOL project…

NVX®Privacy-preserving Computation (PPC) Platform

HangZhou Nuowei Information Techology Co.,Ltd.

NVX®Privacy-preserving Computation (PPC) Platform, the award-winning and certified platform, enables secure querying, analysis and inference on encrypted data across different institutes, deriving insights from private data without exposing sensitive individual information. This groundbreaking produalso provides the protection of valuable AI models from exposure to unauthorized collaborators during computing. The unparalleled performance and scalability of the NVX®PPC platform make it possible for different customers to leverage advanced PPC solutions for real-world data collaborations, while protecting sensitive data and complying with related regulations. The platform combines different types of underlying techniques, including federated learning (FL), secure multi-party computation (MPC) and trusted excution environment (TEE).

RiVAI P600 Edge Computing Processor

RiVAI Technologies

RiVAI Technology was founded at the end of 2018. The company has its origins in the UC Berkeley RISC-V project, with its founder and CEO coming from the original RISC-V team. RiVAI develops high-end processor IP cores based on RISC-V designs, enabling customers to meet the high computing power requirements in applications ranging from edge to data center.


Beijing Anthap Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is able to achieve a high degree of matching with an error of less than one millisecond. The fully automated waveform generation algorithm maximizes the haptic waveform adaptation and enables online real-time rendering of haptic effects. As the only haptic algorithm that can be adapted to multiple smart terminals, compatible with multiple systems and run cross-platform, ANTHAP has been connected to the PICO VR content ecosystem and has served the marketing campaigns of many brands such as RIMOWA and Gucci.